Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins are issued annually by the Canadian government and produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.

This coin is world renowned, primarily for its 99.99% silver purity.

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin Design – This coin carries the same front side and reverse side design as the Gold Maple Leaf. The front side features Queen Elizabeth II (the design was changed in 1990 to feature a more mature portrait of the Queen).

In both versions, “ELIZABETH II” appears near the top. The denomination and issue date rest beneath her portrait. The reverse side of coin depicts a Maple Leaf, the Canadian national symbol, along with the name of the country and amount and purity of silver in the coin.

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Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin Minting – This fine coin was minted from 1988 to present. Because the Gold Maple Leaf was so popular, the Royal Canadian Mint produced it in coin form with 99.99% pure silver. The Ottawa branch was a branch of Britain’s Royal Mint, in operation since 1908. It took Canadian ownership in 1931 and later became a corporation of the Crown in 1969.

Canadian Government Guarantee – The Canadian government guarantees the purity, weight, and legal tender value of each Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion coin.


Size1 oz.
Weight31.1 g
Metal Content1.0 oz.