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M 6:30 AM - THU 5 PM F 6:30 AM - 3:30 PM PST

Historical & Current Charts

At Reagan Gold Group, we recognize that having access to both historical and current data is essential to making wise financial choices. Our Historical & Current Charts offer insightful information about the world of precious metals and how you can use them to reach your financial objectives.

In the past, gold and silver have been acknowledged as valuable assets that hold their value over time through prolonged periods of purchase power. In contrast to fiat currencies, which are subject to fluctuations in inflation and geopolitical events, the value of precious metals typically exhibits stability. They are appealing to long-term investors who want to protect their wealth because of their steadiness.

To find out more about how our historical and current charts can help you make investment decisions that will lead to a more secure financial future, get in touch with Reagan Gold Group right now.

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China’s Evergrande Property Developer Faces Liquidation

Last week marked the collapse of China’s second-largest property developer as a Hong Kong court ordered its liquidation. This real estate giant had defaulted on its debt in 2021, amassing total liabilities exceeding $300 billion. Evergrande’s reckless borrowing transformed it into a colossal real estate player, a sector often credited for propelling the Chinese economy. 

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BRICS Gains New Members: The Push Away From The Dollar​

This week, five additional nations have confirmed their intent to join the BRICS alliance, a grouping that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Originally formed to bolster economic growth and influence, BRICS has now expanded its ranks to include Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Ethiopia, Iran, and Egypt, with an additional 34 countries expressing interest in “joining the club”. 

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