Guide For Hedging With Silver

Pure silver is quite rare in nature. Silver is usually mixed in with ores with other metals, typically found in large zinc-mining operations. Gold, on the other hand, is often seen in its pure form in nuggets of varying sizes. Because of its rarity, industrial demand, and desirability, silver is  considered by many to be rarer and more precious than gold.

In recent years, the demand for silver has increased because it is easily traded and has a low buy-and-sell price spread. Physical silver has more trade appeal due to smaller divisibility purchases while gold serves a store of value for more significant amounts of wealth. Wealth is one reason governments have historically confiscated and stockpiled gold. Silver, on the other hand, has never been seized by governments, which increases its appeal to Americans who want to hedge their portfolio. Contact the Reagan Gold Group today and learn how you can add physical silver to your portfolio! 888-634-1523

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