Gold Facts

  • Gold is the entire reason paper currency existed and is used as an exchangeable receipt that you could turn in to get your gold back from the bank. Gold has been a store value for centuries dating back to ancient Egypt, India, and China.
  • Gold has been used historically as a safe haven against inflation: As inflation has gone up so has the price of Gold and other tangible assets. 
  • Gold is accepted and valued all over the world and gold has been associated with wealth longer than any other metal or item. 
  • Governments and central banks hoard gold. The world’s largest economy also owns the most tons of Gold. The United States has 8133 tons of gold or over 350 Billion worth!
  • Gold performs well on long-term trends. According to the World Gold Council, over the past ten years, gold has outperformed all other major asset classes except for U.S. stocks, producing average annual returns of roughly 6%. Gold has also beaten both U.S. bonds and international stocks. Over the past 20 years, gold has outperformed all asset classes — U.S. stocks included — returning roughly 9% per year.
  • Gold has out-lived every other currency or form of money known to mankind
  • Gold even exists in the Bible, one of the oldest books and documentations of our history. In the Old Testament of the Bible, during the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar, an ounce of gold bought 350 loaves of bread. Today, an ounce of gold will still get you 350 loaves and more!