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Gold was once the sole reason paper currency existed–used as an exchangeable receipt you could turn in to retrieve your gold from the bank. Gold has been a store value for centuries, dating back to ancient Egypt, India, and China.

Gold has been a successful safe haven asset to hedge against inflation. Historically, as inflation has gone up so has the price of gold and other tangible commodities.

Gold is accepted and greatly valued all over the world. This precious metal has has been associated with wealth for a longer period of time than any other metal or item.

Governments and central banks are known to stockpile gold. The world’s largest economy owns the most gold (in tons). The United States has 8,133 tons of gold, over $350 billion in worth!

Gold performs well over long-term trends. According to the World Gold Council, over recent years gold outperformed all other major asset classes except for United States stocks, producing average annual returns of roughly 6%. Gold has also surpassed both United States bonds and international stocks. Over the past 20 years, gold outperformed all asset classes, returning roughly 9% per year.

Gold has outlived every other currency or form of money known to mankind.

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Gold has been used historically as a safe haven asset against inflation: As inflation has gone up so has the price of Gold and other tangible commodities...

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