Peace Silver Dollar

The Peace Dollar was minted at the end of World War I in order to commemorate the signing of a peace treaty between the US and Germany. This silver coin was actually created without the need for a new congressional act since it was minted under the provisions of the Pittman Act (which in 1921 authorized the reissue of the Morgan Silver Dollar).

Peace Silver Dollar Design – Italian-American sculptor and engraver, Anthony De Francisci, designed the Peace Silver Dollar. He crafted the front side of the coin with his wife, Teresa, as his model for the personified depiction of the Statue of Liberty. The word “LIBERTY” appears above her head and “IN GOD WE TRUST” along with the date of issue appear near the bottom.

The back side of the coin depicts a perched eagle with an olive branch afoot before rays of sun. The dollar denomination is printed across the lower third with a mint mark beneath the word “ONE.” The words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM” encircle the top half of the coin.

Peace Silver Dollar Minting – These exceptional coins were first designed in 1921 with a high relief. The design was modified for a more natural relief and ease of production in 1922. The Peace Silver Dollars were produced until The Great Depression of 1929, but the US Mint began producing them again in 1934. The coins dated 1935 are the last in circulation. In 1965, Peace Dollars were again struck in Denver, but they were destroyed and never made it into circulation.

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Weight26.73 g
Metal Content0.77 oz.