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Gold Products Catalog

American Eagle
Gold Coins

The US Mint duplicated the exquisite frontal design of the $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Coin to create the American Eagle. Lady Liberty along with the date in Roman Numerals (years 1986-1991) is located on the front side as well.

American Buffalo
Gold Coins

In June 2006, the US Mint began production of the first pure 24-karat gold 1 oz. with .9999% fineness. It was named the American Buffalo, often shortened to simply, “The Buffalo.” The issue was designed after the revered Buffalo Nickel of 1913.

Find out how savvy investors are hedging their wealth with gold

At Reagan Gold Group, investing in gold is simple. Gold is purchased through our Commodity Specialists in physical form such as coins, bullion, and bars. Because of the high demand for gold and silver, the economic value they hold serves as wealth insurance against a market crash in most cases.

Gold CombiBar™

Valcambi Suisse proudly produced the Valcambi Gold CombiBar™ in Balerna, Switzerland. These divisible gold bars have a composite of 50 x 1g gold and 20 x 1g gold. Single 1g / 10g bars are manufactured specifically to be divided at breaking points without compromising the metal.


Gold Bars, also referred to as Gold Ingots, are minted in many varying sizes ranging from 1 oz. to 400 oz. The largest Gold Bars usually trade on major exchanges for the smallest premium. They can be more difficult to trade in the secondary market due to their size and value. 

American Eagle
Gold Proof

The American Eagle Gold Proof Coin Series represents the epitome of numismatic excellence, presenting collectors and investors with a distinguished display of American artistry and skill. Crafted in 22-karat gold, these proof coins showcase iconic designs like the celebrated …

Liberty Head
Gold Coins

The Liberty Head Gold Coin Series, produced from 1838 to 1907, stands as a numismatic masterpiece, illustrating the progression of American coinage. Crafted by Christian Gobrecht, the obverse showcases a timeless depiction of Liberty …

Our goal at Reagan Gold Group is to exceed our clients’ expectations with diversification and assure the preservation and hedging of your current assets.

Act now and work with our team on your long-term investment.

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Saint Gaudens Double Eagle
$20 Gold Coin

The Saint Gaudens Double Eagle $20 Gold Coin is possibly one of the more magnificent gold coins ever minted. Many collectors appreciate the weight of the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle coin, and its fine details may be admired without a lens …

Indian Head
Gold Coins

The 1907-1933 Indian Head Gold Coin series, designed by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, is an iconic collection symbolizing American spirit. Featuring Liberty’s portrait and a reverse with a majestic eagle, the coins struck in 90% gold …