Morgan Silver Dollar

The Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most highly collected coins in American history. The designer, George T. Morgan, is famous for articulating traditional western legend and lore. This historical 1878 piece was mined from the Comstock Lode.

Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Design – The beautiful face of Lady Liberty graces the front side of the coin. The date of issue, 13 stars, and the words, “E PLURIBUS UNUM” encircle the coin. The phrase, translated as “Out of many, one” was originally selected for use by the United States in 1776.

The back side of the coin features a US bald eagle with its wings spread, grasping symbolic olive branches and arrows within its talons. A wreath of eucalyptus partially surrounds the eagle and above his head it reads, “In God we trust.” At the outer rim of the coin are the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “ONE DOLLAR”, separated by a star on either side of the phrases.

Designer, George T. Morgan, who studied at The Royal Mint in London, placed an “M” on both sides of the coin as his signature. The coin was reintroduced in 1921 when he made some slight alterations.

Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Minting – This coin is the largest and the heaviest silver coin since the Civil War! The Morgan Silver Dollar coin contains a sizeable 0.77344 oz. of pure silver. The coin was minted from 1878-1904 until the government exhausted the supply of silver bullion. Congress then passed The Pittman Act in 1918. They recalled over 270 million silver dollars that would be melted. The Morgan dollar was minted one last time in 1921 before it was replaced by the Peace Silver Dollar.

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Weight26.73 g
Metal Content0.77 oz.