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.“The Roaring 20s bubble was not an everything bubble. [A] real estate barely bubble [in 2008], it was stocks and urban real estate that bubbled,” Dent said. “This is the one time I’m telling you, do not listen to your financial adviser. Things are not going to come back to normal in a few years. We may never see these levels again. And this crash is not going to be a correction. It’s going to be more in the ’29 to ’32 level. And anybody who sat through that would have shot their stockbroker.” – Harry Dent, Economist

Predicted Crash Magnitude:

As we stand on the precipice of a new year, the echoes of a bold prediction by economist Harry Dent reverberate through the financial land. Dent contends that, since the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, the economic trajectory has been skewed by artificial stimuli, amassing a staggering $27 trillion in deficits over 15 years. The economist points to an alarming state of affairs, characterizing the current situation as “off the charts” and insanely perilous.

Drawing parallels to historical events, Dent forecasts that 2024 could witness the most substantial economic crash in our lifetime. He likens it to the ’29 to ’32 Depression level, envisioning an 86% crash in the S&P, a 92% crash in the NASDAQ, and a striking 96% crash in the realm of cryptocurrencies.

Put simply, financial hedging is an artful monetary strategy that utilizes derivatives to cleverly outmaneuver potential price movements. It’s a strategic chess match against the sudden whims of market fluctuations, designed to conserve losses and minimize unnecessary exposure to risk while still maintaining healthy profitability.

These are scary figures for anyone, but particularly those with a lot of savings exposed to the markets through stocks, bonds, retirement accounts and/or other financial instruments.

Thankfully, should we experience a crash of this magnitude, there are ways off of the roller coaster! You’re not doomed to losing all of your savings/retirement funds and you don’t have to watch your accounts helplessly dwindle.

Times like this are why Reagan Gold Group is here. Many of us saw our friends and family experience the horrific downturn of 2008, and what we learned from it was that there are asset classes that can still perform well – even in an otherwise bleak and dire economic environment. In particular, precious metals (especially gold and silver), tend to hold value and in some cases even go up in value during such economic storms.


You don’t have to suffer helplessly as many of our friends and family did in 08! If you are concerned about the predictions that Dent and other economists are making, schedule a FREE consultation with the precious metals investment experts at Reagan Gold Group and discover how you can shield yourself from the upcoming financial turmoil many experts are predicting.

Factors Driving the Crash:

Dent identifies overvalued market and excessive stimulus spending as the primary drivers behind this predicted crash. He believes that the bubble, which began in late 2021, accelerated after the COVID pandemic peak, with the initial signs appearing in 2022 during a 38% downturn in the Nasdaq.

He says “Part B” is due to hit next, with the bulk of the effects being felt in 2024. Dent’s projections, if accurate, would signal not just a recession, but a depression-level event.

“That’s an 86% crash in the S&P and a 92% crash in the NASDAQ. And crypto, it’s going to be 96%. So that is a big deal,” the economist added. “And real estate, by the way, is only projected, by me, to go back to its 2012 lows… but that’s a 50% crash for the average house, which went down 34% in the last crash, more than the Great Depression, more than any time in history. That is what’s going to hurt people the most.”

In Dent’s estimation, federal attempts to stimulate the economy throughout the pandemic were reckless and excessive. It helps to understand if you think of our economy as a huge naval vessel.

You can turn around such a massive structure and do a complete 180, provided there is room of course. But imagine you turned that wheel all the way to the left – the ship will begin to turn, but it’s going to take a while for the entire effect of your holding the steering wheel fully in one direction to really become evident. If you’re not incredibly careful, you may even overcompensate and quickly finding yourself needing to readjust.

This is exactly how the economy works, specifically a large one. Dent alludes to this when he says “the only reason they had to tighten so much is because they stimulated too much over COVID. But that tightening is now going to hit way more in 2024,” Dent said. “And when you stop that gravy train and reverse the tightening, you’re going to be in a depression within a year, not a mile. All this talk about, ‘Oh, yeah, now we’re going to have a mild recession’ — not a chance in Hades.”

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Do not sit idly by to wait and see if the predictions of Harry Dent and other economists will come true. Be proactive with your financial future and take advantage of the FREE precious metals consultation offered by Reagan Gold Group. Remember, historically gold is our truest store of value. As such, it tends (along with a few other precious metals) to hold its value or even appreciate in value during times of economic chaos. It’s a historically proven safe haven that could allow you to sleep peacefully, even if we do experience the greatest crash since the Great Depression. At Reagan Gold Group , we specialize in helping you hedge against these risks by assisting you with the purchase of physical gold and silver. Our experts are ready to provide a FREE custom consultation for you to help you begin the process. Book a FREE consultation today!

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