Banks Go Bankrupt—Gold Goes Up!

Gold is hovering at nearly $2,000 an ounce while the Fed is raising interest rates and our national banking system is going bankrupt! While a banking crisis is never good for the country, there is a positive light for those Americans who have already made an investment in this beautiful precious metal. This tangible asset is making history as a coveted metal to bring families, investors, and companies through a national crisis. It is known as the best hedge against inflation or loss during periods of great financial unrest.

Even though the banking crisis is driving gold higher, the recent rise in interest rates to strengthen the dollar has historically been shown to reduce the price of gold, making it a perfect time to invest before financial institutions fail. With gold, investors are not at the mercy of the government.

What Really Happened?

You read the news, but has it sunk in? Let’s review: 1) two of the three largest banks in US history failed within a 72-hour period, 2) the entire US banking system credit score is now downgraded, and 3) Credit Suisse received a 54-billion dollar bailout (and later sold it off for 3.3 billion dollars). This news is fuel for gold. Market fears, worried investors, and the highest rate hike in three years are only a small accounting of the country’s state. This might partly explain why analysts are leaning bullish on the idea of gold as a desirable investment.

So, what else is driving the demand and the price of gold upward? We know the Fed can fudge the numbers and create money from a black top hat. The Fed, loaning billions in bank bailout money, directly conflicts with their continuous raising of interest rates. The bailout included a guarantee for uninsured depositor funds that would calm the impact of rate hikes. At the same time, the Fed introduced the Bank Term Funding Program to give trillions of dollars to the banks. Tighten the money and expand the money—you see their dangerous untold strategy.

How To Defend Against The Fed

The government tells us, “Everything is fine.” That’s when a red flag should go up. If you haven’t developed a strategy to safeguard your assets while the Fed manipulates the nation’s financial system and attempts to fool every American, it may be time to make a plan. As they change the rules, we the people feel the effects. Meanwhile, the value of the US dollar is declining and our foreign adversaries are threatening not to value the US dollar at all.

Gold, unlike the banking industry, is not an asset that goes bankrupt. Paper currencies are vulnerable, treasury yields are underperforming (in the largest decline since the stock market crash of 1987), and a bond market crisis is imminent. You may say we weathered the banking fallout of 2008, but at that time gold was on a steady rise. According to the, “By March 17, 2008 when the financial crisis claimed its first major victim, in the shape of Bear Sterns Investment Bank, the gold price had reached a new all-time record of $1,011 dollars an ounce, a rise of over 50% in just nine months.” We have come to know when the price of gold is high – something in our monetary system is awry. Either the dollar has declined or there’s a bigger issue. The indicators should push every head of family or private investor to consider risk-free, privately controlled gold.

Gold Above $2,000 Is a Sign

Investors today are scrambling to find timely alternative assets to hedge with in their financial portfolios. As more and more investors buy into gold, it is inevitable that gold prices will go up. When times are tough, non-government based assets such as gold are considered safer than paper assets and therefore in higher demand. Gold is essentially like an insurance policy or a backup plan.

As gold increases in popularity, investors must consider that gold availability and in fact gold mining are soon-to-be in vulnerable states. Not only have mining companies been forced to reduce expenses, but also the nationwide government-extended environmental mandates may impact new projects that are supposedly harsh and toxic. The gold replaceability is not as seamless as in the past and record numbers of banks and foreign entities are buying up gold. That’s why gold—expected to go over $2,000 per ounce—is a sign of what’s to come. That’s also why now is a good time to invest, before gold goes up even more.

Invest in Gold Now!

Update your financial portfolio with an investment in gold. The gold price is still right, but it’s steadily climbing. Today’s nationwide financial crisis is the best time to take advantage of the stability and soundness of pure gold. Gold can be added to your assets in a number of ways. Contact Reagan Gold Group and get started on your gold purchase now! It’s not too late, but that day will come and possibly sooner than you think. While the banks go bankrupt, gold is going up!

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