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Why You Should Ditch Paper Assets Now!

It seems that by design the people of the United States and in fact the world are being coerced into a period of total pandemonium. It’s hard to ignore although many people try. Take a look at the Stop World Control site and learn more about The Great Reset and the growing effort toward stopping this evil takeover plan that will impact our assets. What is happening to our nation is shocking and disconcerting. In the meantime, if you own assets and/or a retirement plan, you should review your portfolio and ensure you have a sound and balanced mix to take you and your family through a potential period of great unrest.

A Word From the Gold Master:

Robert Toru Kiyosaki, entrepreneur, businessman, author and the founder of Rich Global LLC along with the Rich Dad Company, recently said this: “God have mercy on us all.” He warns that “…the economy is the ‘biggest bubble’ in history and urged investors to dump paper assets.” Kiyosaki defines an asset as “anything that puts money in your pocket” and a liability as “anything that takes money out of your pocket.” He believes, “the mistakes poor and middle class people make is spending their lives buying liabilities instead of assets.” Kiyosaki does not invest in bonds, equities, mutual funds, or emissions trading systems (ETS), but he is a firm believer in gold, silver and bitcoin.

What Makes Paper Assets Vulnerable?  

According to the Herold Financial Dictionary, “Paper assets in investments literally are pieces of paper that define ownership of an asset.” Most paper assets, or fiat currencies, are tied to investing in the form of stocks, bonds, currency, money market accounts, etc., and they are backed up by a legitimate financial system. What makes our paper assets so vulnerable today is that our financial backing systems are on the verge of collapse! New forms of digital currency are quickly replacing our stable legacy financial system. Historically, there are many examples of what happens during a financial crisis.

By contrast, hard assets such as gold, silver, platinum, land, and other types of physical capital are shown to better withstand a financial collapse. The main reason is most hard assets are not reliant on an underlying financial or government system. The owner of hard assets generally has control.

Diversification Strategy

In terms of investing, diversification is a fundamental rule designed to take you through extreme markets conditions and yet keep your investments balanced and stable for the long term. Diversification is the best way to manage risks. A diversification strategy should include various types of assets and sectors that will prevent losses and in fact offset the losses with gains. A balanced mix of assets, or the amount dedicated to each type of asset, is significant and must align with your investment goals. Asset allocation is shown to be the most important facet of your portfolio return. An experienced financial advisor is key to guiding you with your risk tolerance, a fluctuating or declining market, and rebalancing when needed.

Kiyosaki on Precious Metals

Kiyosaki believes, “precious metals — particularly gold and silver — have been a popular hedge against inflation and uncertainty.” He goes on to say, that gold and silver “can’t be printed out of thin air like fiat money and their value is largely unaffected by economic events around the world.” Kiyosaki began purchasing gold in 1972, saying, “I’m not buying gold because I like gold, I’m buying gold because I don’t trust the Fed.” Kiyosaki invests in silver as well. In October 2022, he tweeted “Silver best investment in Oct 2022” and “Everyone can afford $20 silver.” He went on to say that he believes both metals are showing promise in 2023 as both are up about 5% since December. He prefers real gold and silver coins over exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Don’t Wait to Contact Your Gold Broker

Reach out to Reagan Gold Group (RGGUSA) today and consider a rebalancing for your retirement portfolio. Do you have a 10-20% value reserved for gold and silver? Take action now while our monetary and financial systems remain stable. There is no time like the present when it comes to your precious assets. RGG has the guidance you need for a gold or silver investment in the type of precious metal product you need to align with your personal investment strategy. It may be time to ditch most of your paper assets and turn them into tangible precious metals.

Learn how a Gold, Silver, & Precious Metals IRA can help you hedge against inflation

Gold for the Alert Investor

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If YES, then you probably have already picked up some hints that you need gold to defend your hard-earned net worth against what could be coming.

If NO, then go back to sleep and enjoy getting wiped out (again) in the next stock market/dollar crash.

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