Gold Bars, also referred to as Gold Ingots, are minted in many varying sizes ranging from 1 oz. to 400 oz. The largest Gold Bars usually trade on major exchanges for the smallest premium. They can be more difficult to trade in the secondary market due to their size and value. Investors generally wish to acquire 1 oz. and/or 10 oz. Gold Bars.

Gold Bars Design – Gold Bars come in a variety of designs that range from simple to the elaborate depending on your preferences. Gold Bars almost always include the amount of gold, purity, and the issuing company.

Gold Bars Minting – Many companies manufacture and hallmark Gold Bars. The most popular hallmarks are those of Credit Suisse, Englehard, Johnson Matthey, and Produits Artistiques de M’taux Pr’cieux (PAMP.)
The manufacturer and condition of Gold Bars sold by Reagan Gold Group are based upon current inventory.


Purity 99.9% – 99.99%
Size Varies
Weight Varies
Metal Content Varies


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