In June 2006, the US Mint began production of the first pure 24-karat gold 1 oz. coin with .9999% fineness. It was named the American Buffalo, often shortened to simply, “The Buffalo.” The issue was designed after the revered Buffalo Nickel of 1913.

American Buffalo Gold Design – Like the Buffalo Nickel, the American Gold Buffalo was also designed by American Sculptor, James Earle Fraser. On the front side of the coin, Fraser depicts the portrait of a Native American Indian. Fraser is said to have garnered two Native American students as models for the coin’s design. On the back side of the coin, he’s depicted the renowned American buffalo, possibly the Black Diamond.

American Buffalo Gold Minting – American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins are among some of the world’s purest gold coins. Fineness and purity are pristine. Each coin states its weight in pure gold. Gold for these collectible gold bullion coins must by law originate from newer mines in America. They are struck at the US Mint at West Point, New York, and they do not carry a mint mark.

US Government Guarantee – These fine Buffalo Gold Coins come with a US government guarantee for purity, weight, and content. These coins from the US Mint are the only official gold bullion coins guaranteed by the US government. This means the coins are attractive in major worldwide investment markets, much like the US dollar.


Purity 99.99%
Size 1 oz.
Weight 31.108 g
Metal Content 1 oz.

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