Is the Push for Digital Currency Impacting Your Freedom?

You may be aware by now, in 2022, our fearless US leader signed Executive Order 14067 entitled, “Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets.” This order is designed to regulate digital assets through central bank digital currency (CDBC). You also hear it called the digital dollar, or FedCoin. If you don’t see this action by the government as using the front of digital currency to take more control, you may be missing something. Aside from the secretive signing of this executive order, think about the faulty narratives that surround this takeover: 1) digital currency would supposedly make transactions easier and help manage fraud, 2) digital currency is already being used (in the neighborhood of 90%) in the form or cards and crypto, so what’s the real meaning for this order, and 3) the amount of circulating cash money is healthy, but not government-traceable so they can’t stand it.

In an Investopedia article entitled White House Considers Creating a Digital Dollar, there some clear messages as to the underlying scheme behind it. It reads, “Creating a US CBDC while dealing with fraud and illicit activities could, according to the framework, enable a payment system that is more efficient, provides a foundation for further technological innovation, facilitates faster cross-border transactions, and is environmentally sustainable. It could also promote financial inclusion and equity by enabling access for a broad set of consumers.” Read between the lines. This executive order is just one of many ways in which the government is transitioning to a socialist philosophy and impacting American freedoms.

We Already Use Digital Currency – What Is Changing

When you consider how the US monetary system has transformed in recent years, a digital currency doesn’t seem new. People have been able to perform mobile banking, submit electronic payments, and transfer funds electronically for years. Payment systems have increased dramatically to the point in which a digital currency is acceptable. The real problem with the new FedCoin: 1) the assignment of 87,000 IRS agents to govern your spending, 2) no financial privacy but rather insight into every financial transaction made, 3) full traceability of your income, expenses and assets, and 4) a system of legal tender in which every citizen must by law accept it. What’s changing is the full manipulation by the government of American currency. If you haven’t read up on The Great Reset, now might be the time. If you haven’t heard about China’s plan to dominate the world by 2030, get online and take a look. Digital currency plays a role.

Government Interference

How can the government take control of 332 million US people, you ask? You saw it happen with your own eyes during the Covid-19 pandemic. You see it every year when you have to struggle through tax season. You feel it every month when you pay your healthcare bill or take a reduction in your paycheck to cover it. You hear in the news daily about the threats to the first and second amendments—which you recognize as our freedom of the press and our right to keep and bear arms. Have you stopped to consider how much control the government has over you? Have you noticed how foreign governments have interfered? In China, the government sees every e-yuan payment as it is made and freedom is limited. Just imagine how the US government can use the monetary system to coerce every citizen. Government interference is not that hard for them.

How Can Americans Respond?

The government’s executive order to modify our monetary system and push us to a digital currency system is pure blackmail. As Americans, we must first recognize what is taking place and become informed as to how they plan to do it and when. We must understand that we are being led toward the path of socialism. Imagine tax refunds, welfare checks, military pension, and social security depositing into your new FedCoin account. There are steps people must take to respond to this monetary takeover:

  • Contact your state and local government representatives and make your voice known that you are against a government based FedCoin; that you see this as a way for the government to gain more control over every citizen.
  • Get out and vote in every election possible. Many of the control decisions often start at the voting level.
  • Purchase physical precious metals in the form of gold and silver. These are accessible assets that are owner controlled (so far), with the help of a custodian for purchase and storage.
  • Consider a gold- or silver-backed individual retirement account (IRA), for limited government control.
  • Seek out readily-available private assets (often non-paper) that are not trackable or traceable (usually precious metals or real estate).

While Americans are generally at the mercy of the government, if every person steps up and makes their voice heard, we can change America back the patriotic country is once was.

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