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Gold and Silver – Fact Sheet

In times of global turmoil, investors turn to gold and silver. There are many advantages to acquiring these valuable precious metals. As well, there are many facts about gold and silver you may not know that could inspire you to add these metals to your retirement portfolio. Investment brokers recommend that investors reserve a 10-20% share for gold and silver in their retirement portfolios. Here’s why:

Facts About Silver

Silver has been on earth since the beginning of time but said to be discovered around 5,000 BC. This lustrous white metal is said to be the most reflective metal with the highest thermal conductivity. Take a look at these interesting facts about silver:

  • While America has some of largest silver deposits in the world, there are also large mines in Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, China, Canada, Poland, and Australia.
  • Some of the largest silver mines in the US are located in Montana and Nevada.
  • Silver traded at only $2.64 per ounce in 1913. Then in January 1980 silver adjusted for inflation and traded at a high of $114.27 per ounce. In April 2011, it traded at $49.51 and in September 2018 it traded at a mere $14.24. It is currently trading in March 2023 at $21.08 per ounce. Watch silver.
  • Silver is used in US currency although the percentages were greater prior to 1965 when coins were minted with 90% silver.
  • In 1965, under President Lyndon B Johnson, the 1965 Coinage Act eliminated silver from both dimes and quarters, supposedly due to a silver shortage. See The History of Coins in the US on Investopedia.
  • Most silver from old electronics, televisions, and other devices is buried in landfills, although there are many new recyclers that are taking an interest in repurposing these items.
  • Silver is a harder metal than gold.

While silver is often the underdog between the two metals, it has higher usage in terms of technology and industrial application. Silver is fast becoming a highly coveted metal.

A Case For Silver

There are a number of positive reasons to invest in silver as part of your retirement portfolio as well as the enjoyment of it. Here’s the case for purchasing silver in the form of coins or bars:

  • As recent as 2022, Statista reports that the remaining global silver reserves amounted to 550,000 metric tons and that physical inventory in our worldwide depositories is low.
  • Silver is forecasted to rise as high at $50 per ounce in 2023-2024.
  • The world will eventually run out of silver, gold and platinum.
  • While the price of silver is slowly rising, it is an affordable hedge against inflation at only $21.08 per ounce today.
  • Rising energy costs are expected to limit silver mining as oil reserves are depleted.
  • If the US dollar declines further, the demand for silver will go up along with its value.

If there was ever a time to invest in silver, that time is now. All families and individual investors are encouraged to buy silver now, before large entities swoop in and bulk purchase this amazing metal.

Facts About Gold

Gold is considered a rare precious metal due to its formation and unique properties. Gold is called a heavy metal while it is in fact soft and malleable. Heaviness in the case of gold refers to its density in atoms. Take a look at these interesting facts about gold:

  • The richest gold reserve is found in the United States, with over 8,100 tons. The government holds as many reserves as the largest gold-holding countries: Germany, Italy, and France. Undiscovered US gold is reported to be about 18,000 tons with another 15,000 tons identified but not mined.
  • North-central Nevada is the richest state for gold mining in the US including three top worldwide gold mines along with several others.
  • Gold is commonly extracted from the veins of quartz or in streams’ sand and gravel.
  • Gold is generally mined in the US, South Africa (over 40%), Australia, Canada and Russia.
  • Platinum is rarer with a higher density and purity than gold and thus usually valued higher. The cost for platinum is higher due its rarity—found deeper in the Earth’s crust.
  • Gold is expected to some day run out. Scientists predict the metal to go dry as early as 2050. Minable gold deposits replenish themselves but over long periods of time, as many as 100,000 years or more.

Gold is valued higher than silver, but the time is now to make an worthy investment in this desirable metal. There are a number of reasons to act now.

A Case For Gold

While we don’t know a lot about the availability or extractability of gold in the earth, we do know that gold is rare, holds value, and is being swept up by governments and private investors just as silver is. Here’s the case for purchasing gold in the form of coins or bars:

  • Approximately 184,000 tons of gold are stored in bank vaults, personal collections, and government reserves, keeping in mind that a cubic meter weighs over 19 tons.
  • The value of gold is shown to rise and fall like any investment, but history shows us that gold does not often gain or lose relative value as fast as other public offerings.
  • To date, there is no branch of federal, state, or local government that needs to know much gold you own. This could certainly change given our current government’s desire for total control.
  • Nearly every investment can zero out—except gold. With interest rates, debt, and inflation on the rise, gold is a safe haven for most investors. Unlike cash, gold’s value is known to rise with inflation. That’s why diversification with gold is imperative.
  • Many countries and central banks have been greatly increasing their gold reserves over the past two years: Turkey (a record 542 tons), China, Egypt, India, Iraq, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Gold offers a hedge against inflation as well as a method in which to circumvent sanctions.

Re-evaluate your retirement portfolio now and consider a share of gold as a measure to secure your assets and hedge your business and your family from unexpected financial unrest.

Purchase Gold and Silver Today

Reagan Gold Group (RGGUSA) specialists are standing by to guide you with your purchase in fine precious metals such as gold and silver. Call now before these metals skyrocket in price due to the current US inflationary state. When economic crises plague the US and the world, there is no better time to hedge against inflation. There is urgency. Don’t wait another day.

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